Romania Activities: Palace of Parliament Tour

June 20th 2023 in Travel
Romania Activities: Palace of Parliament Tour

Palace of Parliament Tour

Take a guided tour of the Palace of Parliament, a must-see in Bucharest. Stroll through massive corridors and rooms, witness busts of Romanian kings, and see Europe's largest ballroom.

When you arrive at the venue, your host will take care of you and introduce you to the guide.

After passing through the metal detectors, your first stop will be in the Honour Hallway, filled with torsos of some of the most famous Romanian kings from the Middle Ages to the modern era, such as Vlad Dracula.

The massive corridors and chambers named after some of Romania's most renowned artists, poets, and writers will come next: N. Balcescu, M. Kogalniceanu, and so on.

During the tour, you will see the Pink Room, dedicated to ONU meetings, the Music Hall, where some of the world's most prominent performers performed, and the stunning Ceausescu's balcony, which has a beautiful view of UNIRSI Boulevard.

Your tour will conclude in what is considered Europe's largest ballroom, equivalent to four football fields connected one to the other.