Romania Explore: Fairyland of Romania

February 10th 2023 in Travel
Romania Explore: Fairyland of Romania

A city in Romania's Transylvania region, Brașov is encircled by the Carpathian Mountains. Its most notable features are:

The Black Church.

A colossal structure in the Gothic stle.Its Saxon-era bastions.It's bustling cafés.In the cobblestoned old town'sPiaţaSfatului(Council Square), a vibrant baroque structure, lies the CasaSfatului, a former town hall now a museum of local history.

Here are five places to visit if you want to feel like your character from a fairytale book.


ThePiaţaSfatului, the centre of Brașov's mediaeval historic district, is the first spot you should go to if you want to feel like a character from a fairy tale. The arc-shaped square and its beautiful rainbow of building facades will leave you unsure where to gaze first. The clock tower of the 13th-century Town Hall rings, temporarily drowning out the din of adjacentcafés' talk and clinking glasses. The Piaţa Sfatului is the ideal location to sit on a bench and people-watch.

2.Biserica Neagră

The largest Gothic church in Eastern Europe, Biserica Neagră, commonly known as the Black Church, is located just off Brașov's central plaza and comes in at number two on our list. Contrary to its name, the church is not black; in fact, the name was given to it in 1689 when a fire inside the building caused the smoke to darken the walls. Although the church's interior is not as eye-catching as other cathedrals in Europe, it is nevertheless well worth a visit, especially given the Gothic architecture and collection of Anatolian carpets that embellish the city's past.

3.Catherine’s Gate

Now, Catherine's Gate is a must-see if you want to feel like a character from a fairy tale novel, especially a fleeing royal. Catherine's Gate is not only gorgeous, but it is also the last remaining authentic mediaeval Gate. Built in 1559 and notably featuring the Brașov coat of arms. Some of Brașov's ancient fortified walls still stand, just like the neighbouring citadel of Sighisoara. Travel along the paths that circle the city's outskirts for a closer look.

4.Râșnov Fortress

A short distance from Brașov's old district lies the Saxon-built Râşnov Fortress, which is situated 650 ft above the town of Râşnov. This 14th-century fortification was strategically placed to repel wandering European and Asian tribes. The recently restored Râşnov Fortress is Romania's best-preserved mediaeval site. You can see other castles in the nation if you travel with a Râșnov guide.

5.Brașov Historic Streets

Brașov's streets have bustling shops, lively cafés, and carts serving mouthwateringKürtőskalác(a type of cake). Admire the city's historic architecture while taking a morning stroll to avoid crowds. A free guided walking tour is available between April and September at 6 o'clock. Your time will begin at the central plaza fountain. The tour lasts over three hours. It can seem like a lengthy day, but you'll learn so much about the past and the tales that each structure has to share.