Romania Explore: Cavnic Gravity Hill

June 13th 2023 in Travel
Romania Explore: Cavnic Gravity Hill

Cavnic Gravity Hill

Comuna Budești, Romania

There is a creepy location on the road where objects appear to move uphill without explanation.

In Romania's Maramureș County, a strange phenomenon makes stationary objects appear to come to life. For example, when a car is left in neutral, it will start to crawl uphill, and even a water bottle lying on the ground will roll forward. It's an optical illusion that tricks the eyes and creates a surreal experience.

Although it may appear spooky and defy gravity, it is an optical illusion. This is a gravity hill where the surrounding terrain creates the illusion of an uphill slope when it is a downward incline.

Despite the simple explanation, folk tales persist regarding a tragic event in Maramureș decades ago. The legend tells of a bus filled with children that crashed, resulting in no survivors. It is claimed that the restless spirits of the children have been causing mischief and pushing cars up the hill ever since.

Even though the myths and explanations about mystical energy phenomena have been proven false, it is still worth considering. Ultimately, your perception will remain unchanged.

To find your way, look for a small sign on the trees, or ask the locals for directions!